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trollzor121 #1

Post by R.I.P on Wed Nov 04, 2015 10:24 pm

In-Game name: trollzor121

Altnerate accounts(provide links): none

Previous Clans You were in(provide links): none

Why did You leave those clans? /

About You

Explain Yourself: I am a confident, good-looking, 15 years old boy living in canada. I'm good in webdesign aswell as I'm confident and serious.

Why are You applying for WiB?
Because it seems to be a legit clan though the recruitment process seems to be hard.

Do You have any particular skills/playstiles in-game?
Ye, I can fly in normal motion and either in slowmotion. I am able to dodge bullets damn fast which allows me to rek sum nubz.

What country are You from?
Canada -.-

How often do You play PB2/when did You start playing PB2?
I started in 2013 and play till today everyday 5 hours UNapproved maps.

What can You offer WiB?
Seriousity and trustment. I am able to be calm and handle situations very well.

Why do You think we should accept You?
Cus I'm a friendly person which is neutral addicted to the internet. Which means that I dont give a dumb damn about PB2's problems.

Extra comments or questions: my acc. looks newbish cuz i dont play ranked or stuff. My maps are damn old and I wont delete them cuz im too lazy. Thx for reading :3


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Re: trollzor121 #1

Post by Domino on Wed Nov 04, 2015 10:42 pm

Let me list what you have done wrong:
First of all you failed to list any of Your past clans which were K.O.A and killer$. You even have the tags on. Where are You from? Your profile says You are from germany, this formula says Canada but Your IP is from hungary. Explain me pls. Flying in normal motion is a skill You might add aswell as slowmotion flying, but it asked You for playstiles too. In my eyes You are just a "good looking" boy who tries hard to mess up the clan. Eventhough there aren't much members atm. I really wish the clans' first app. would have looked better, but k.

Re-apply in seven days.

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