Application Template

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Application Template

Post by Domino on Tue Nov 03, 2015 5:01 pm

Copy & paste the following template in order to submit Your application.


  • In-Game name:

  • Link to Pb2 account:

  • Altnerate accounts(provide links):

  • Previous Clans You were in(provide links):

  • Why did You leave those clans?

About You

  • Explain Yourself:

  • Why are You applying for WiB?

  • Do You have any particular skills/playstiles in-game?

  • What country are You from?

  • How often do You play PB2/when did You start playing PB2?

  • What can You offer WiB?

  • Why do You think we should accept You?

  • Extra comments or questions:

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